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New Metro City Gujar Khan offering 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal Residential Plots for Sale. Hence, its the perfect time to buy or purchase plot for investment and residence purpose. Because market rate is very good and best for investment.

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NMC GK 5m, 7m, 10m, & 1 Kanal Plot For Sale

Multiple options of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available for sale in every block of NMC GK.

New Metro City Residential Plot Sizes:

The following table lists the various sizes of residential and Commercial plots available in NMC Gujar Khan.

5 Marla

7 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

New Meter City Commercial Plot Sizes:

NMC Gujar Khan will have two commercial plots of varying sizes.

☑ 2.66 Marla

☑ 4 Marla

☑ 8 Marla

NMC Gujar Khan Latest Plot Price 2024

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New Metro City Gujar Khan 5 Marla Plot For Sale:

You can get 5 Marla residential plot in Early Bird Block, A Block, B Block, and C Block.

we have multiple options of 5 Marla plots in this society. You can call us anytime.

New Metro City 7 Marla Plot For Sale:

7 Marla ready for construction and un developed are available at market best rate.

Availability of 7 Marla plot in NMC GK is in Early Bird, A Block, B Block and C Block respectively.

New Metro City 10 Marla Plot For Sale:

10 Marla is ideal for living and investment purpose. These plots usually have more demand in market. 10 Marla residencial plots are available for sale in NMC GK.

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New Metro City Gujar Khan 1 Kanal Plot For Sale:

1 Kanal is best for those who want big garden in their house and big car porch along with the number of bedrooms.

Several options of 1 Kanal residential plots are available for sale. Call us directly to know the prices.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Latest Map 2024

There are 4 Main Blocks of New Metro City Gujar Khan.

• Early Bird

• A Block

• B Block

• C Block

The main boulevard, public parks, and wide greenways are the essential components of the master plan for the NMC GK, along with several blocks that are made up of both residential and commercial properties.

In NMC Gujar Khan, all infrastructure will be underground, including the water, electricity, and sui gas pipelines.

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New Metro City Gujar Khan Location

This society has a large area of land facing GT front and is situated in a superb location on the main GT road, a few miles away from Gujar Khan City.

Any housing society’s success is primarily determined by its location. Additionally, the location has a role in determining how accessible society is; the easier it is to access a society, the more buyers and investors pay attention. Additionally, a desirable location near famous monuments and other amenities enhances the quality of life for occupants and provides a hassle-free way of life.

The importance of motorways in connecting cities cannot be denied, however, the area around GT road is populated. Although there are several routes to access the society, GT Road serves as the major entry to the NMC GK.

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Google Location of New Metro City Gujar Khan

The following methods make it simple to go to.

  • Gujjar Khan City is a six-minute drive away.
  • Jhelum City is only a 25-minute drive away.
  • Bahria Town may be reached in 15 minutes by car.
  • From Sohawa City, it takes 20 minutes.
  • Drive time to DHA Islamabad is 20 minutes.
  • Islamabad is about a 30-minute drive away at 44km of distance.
  • Gujar Khan Bus Station is a 5-minute drive.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Google Map Pin Location:

You can access the exact location of NMC Gujar Khan by clicking on the google map bar below.

About New Metro City Gujar Khan

After the successful projects of New Metro City Kharain (Sarai Alamgir), 2019 and Gwadar Golf City (in 2018) on three-year instalments, which were delivered ahead of schedule in one and a half years, BSM (Bilal Steel Mills) will begin construction on New Metro City Gujar Khan, which will be on the vital GT (Grand Turk) Road route. After Gulberg Islamabad, Park View City Islamabad, and Capital Smart City, this society would be the most observed and recognised.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Owner

The Owner and CEO of New Metro City Gujar Khan are Bilal Bashir Malik, the founder of BSM Builders (Pvt Ltd) and the grandson of the CEO of Bahria Town (Malik Riaz). The organisation is renowned for creating top-notch real estate developments that provide a distinctive experience in various places around Pakistan. By assembling a group of knowledgeable professionals, the developer hopes to create world-class infrastructure.

Additionally, there is no substitute for the expertise, fortunately, but when you get gifted by inheritance then your seek is always good than others.

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 Metro City Gujar Khan NOC Details

Undoubtedly, TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority) would soon accept the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for New Metro City Gujar Khan. They have access to every legal document submitted to the appropriate department to get their no objection certificate as soon as possible.

When the NMC GK NOC is granted by TMA, both the amount of investment from investors and the value of the real estate in Metro City Gujar Khan will significantly increase.

In addition, the land in New Metro City Gujjar Khan is bought. The Master Plan for this society has also been accepted, and development is at its pinnacle.

Nearby Landmarks and areas:

✅ There are several well-known locations near NMC Gujar Khan, which are listed here.

✅ Masjid Rajgan

✅ Bedi Mahal

✅ Sangni Fort

✅ Tehsil headquarters hospital

✅ Mall Of Gujar Khan (MOG)

✅ Punjab Group Of Colleges Gujar Khan

✅ National Railway Line (Islamabad-Rawalpindi)

✅ Gujar Khan Markaz

 NMC Gujar Khan’s Facilities & Amenities Include:

The major amenities NMC Gujar Khan has are listed below,

  1. ✔ Main Boulevards.
  2. ✔ Wide Carpeted road with walk-through lane.
  3. ✔ Grand Jamia Mosque in Turkish style.
  4. ✔ Mega Sports Complex.
  5. ✔ Mega Indoor Shopping Malls.
  6. ✔ International Education System with libraries.
  7. ✔ 24/7 CCTV access through HD cameras.
  8. ✔ solar-powered fully electric pols.
  9. ✔ Underground electricity, Gas, and Water.
  10. ✔ Underground Tanks for water reservoir.
  11. ✔ Public and Family Parks
  12. ✔ Special Gym and Fitness Zone.
  13. ✔ International Standard cinemas.
  14. ✔ Specially reserved space for Hospitals and Pharmacies.
  15. ✔ Free community center.

Currently, with 30 latest and heavy machinery in operation and more in the pipeline, NMC Gujar Khan’s development is kicking into high gear. As you can see, the images which have been attached are published below.

The NMC society area’s front and main entrance have also been leveled, and the light poles from the site area and society head office have been installed on the Main GT Road.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Development Status

What Makes NMC GK Khan a Good Investment?

The housing society provides several justifications for investing in NMC Gujar Khan. The best time to invest in NMC Gujar Khan is now since you may purchase a book, reserve a plot at launch prices without making a profit, or purchase a property with first-come, first-served baises.

There are many reasons to invest in NMC Gujar Khan, but some of the main reasons are mentioned below,

1. Easy Installment Schedule:

Their convenient and affordable three-year instalment plan is the most significant factor in the NMC Housing Society. Everyone can afford it and take advantage of this opportunity for both investing and living purposes.

2. State-of-the-art infrastructure:

This society’s cutting-edge infrastructure cannot be compared to other projects. This will always outperform the infrastructure of other societies since their background is bred with the expertise and capability to develop a society with the real estate industry.

3. Super luxury lifestyle:

You won’t need to leave this society if you choose to live here because everything you need is available there. All national and international brands would have room to operate in this scheme.

4. High Profitable Returns:

People who worked on their previous initiatives are aware of their beneficial returns, and this time they want to invest twice as much because they have received more money from this society than they imagined. Because of this, I advise everyone to invest in this society and see their money grow by 200%.

5. Planning And Design:

They have NMC Gujar Khan developed and constructed in a way that meets the necessities and comforts of life.

6. Location:

Due to its location, NMC Gujar Khan is inferior, and this project is at the top of the list nowadays.

7. Owners and Developers:

BSM Developers, one of Pakistan’s top five developers, are the NMC Gujar Khan’s owners and developers. People have blind trust in these

Pros And Cons:

The housing societies like Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi possess only pros and insignificant cons mentioned as follows:

Pros Cons
Modest electrification Market perception: high prices
magnificent entrance gate
Efficient and environmentally
academic resources
24-hour service
Gated housing project
Community club
Boundary Wall
Foolproof Security
Safe and Secure investment
High Return On Investment

 New Metro City Gujar Khan FAQs:

The following are some of the New Metro City Gujar Khan’s frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is a New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Ans. A housing project called New Metro City Gujar Khan, which is close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, is soon to be approved.

Q2. Who is the owner of New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Ans. Bilal Bashir Malik is NMC Gujar Khan’s owner.

Q3. What is the exact location of New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Ans. New NMC GK is located at GT Road, Gujar Khan.

Q4. Who is the developer of New Metro City Gujar Khan?

Ans. BSM Builders has adequately developed NMC Gujar Khan.

Q5. Is New Metro City Gujar Khan a society that offers affordable housing?

Ans. Unquestionably, New Metro City Gujar Khan is a posh yet reasonably priced housing society.

Q6. Is the housing society in New Metro City Gujar Khan approved?

Ans. An authorised housing society, NMC Gujar Khan, will soon be approved.

Q7. Is investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan a good idea?

Ans. Due to its unique features and services, you can also verify from their official website New Metro City Gujar Khan.


New Metro City Gujar Khan reviews are positive from the investors and the end-users. It is Pakistan’s most accessible, opulent, and sought-after housing society. Sector Land (SMC, Pvt-Ltd) offers this unique opportunity to buy or sell your dream property in NMC Gujar Khan. Read about Gulberg Islamabad, Capital Smart City, and Park View City Islamabad to learn more about these lucrative developments in Pakistan.

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