ParkView City Islamabad | Atif Aslam Concert | Dancing Fountain Show 2024

ParkView City Islamabad is set to organize Pakistan’s biggest Dancing Fountain Show at Downtown Islamabad. One of Islamabad’s most recognisable icons is the Park View City Dancing Fountain.

This will be Parkview City Islamabad’s new chapter starting in 2024. Now, you don’t need to travel to Dubai to take in the breathtaking display of dancing fountains.

Congratulations to PVC Islamabad’s whole management team for their extraordinary efforts in launching in a new era of urban tourism development. Also, making a lasting impact on Pakistan’s cultural scene with the grand debut market.

Dancing Fountain Show 2024 in Park View City

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Atif Aslam Concert ParkView City 2024

Above all, Atif Aslam, the most well-known singer of Pakistan and Young Stunner will perform with there musical performance in Park View City Islamabad on 4th January 2024 at 5:30pm onwards

The most anticipated event of the year is that Pakistan’s leading vocalist, Atif Aslam, will perform live at ParkView City Islamabad.

Atif Aslam Concert at Park View City Islamabad

So, Get ready for Downtown Islamabad’s largest New Year’s celebration. Moreover, it would be the largest fountain dance performance Pakistan has ever produced.

Don’t pass up this chance and Prepare for Downtown Islamabad to host the biggest New Year’s celebration yet.

In Downtown Islamabad, ParkView City unveiled the largest dancing fountains in Pakistan. Cheers to Pakistan’s prosperity in the coming year 2024.

Special preparations have been made for a star-studded performance, fireworks, and a light display.

Dancing Fountain Show 2024:

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Atif Aslam Concert Location Park View City Islamabad

This show will be in Parkview City Islamabad at Downtown Islamabad.

+92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056

Tickets or Passes:

This concert does not require an entry ticket. Come and enjoy the celebration of the new year’s bash, as the PVC Management has made registration free.

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