Eighteen Islamabad Plot Prices 2024 | 10m,1k,2k Plots For Sale

This article will specifically demonstrate the Eighteen Islamabad Plot Prices 2024, the Latest and updated Payment plan for 2024. Also, Its NOC Details, Master plan of residential plots, villas, offices, and Golf Views apartments.

According to a recent survey, Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful Capital City. Likewise, Eighteen is a new high-end society located on Srinagar Highway. Additionally, They have acquired 600 acres of luxuriant greenery.

First of all, It consists of two phases. Phase-1 comprises 300-acre land. Equally important, they have built-in properties of Apartments, Shops, and Offices. Following the surprising response of Phase-1.

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Eighteen Islamabad Plot Prices 2024:

There are three main sizes of residential plots in Eighteen,

  • 0.5 Kanal (10 Marla)
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Other than that, Eighteen Islamabad Plot Prices are explained below,

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Eighteen Islamabad 10 Marla Plot For Sale:

Half Kanal is the most popular selling size revealed. Thus, The 0.5 Kanal or 10 Marla updated 2024 payment schedule is under below

Property Type: Residential Plot

Plot Size: 1/2 Kanal  (2,358 – 3,208 Sq.ft)

Minimum Price Range: 3,5490,000

Maximum Price Range: 59,410,000

Plot Status: Available

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Eighteen Islamabad 1 Kanal Plot For Sale:

Similarly, The Eighteen Islamabad 1 Kanal price is given below

Property Type: Residential Plot

Plot Size: 1 Kanal  (4,695 – 5,680 Sq.ft)

Minimum Price Range: 72,380,000

Maximum Price Range: 89,590,000

Plot Status: Available

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Eighteen Islamabad 2 Kanal Plot For Sale:

whereas, The Two Kanal up-to-date payment schedule is shown below,

¬ Property Type: Residential Plot

¬ Plot Size: 2 Kanal  (9,079 – 10,170 Sq.ft)

¬ Minimum Price Range: 150,490,000

¬ Maximum Price Range: 180,370,000

¬ Plot Status: Available

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Exact Location Of Eighteen Islamabad

In the meantime, they have just launched Phase-2. Interestingly, This phase has only residential plots of 1/2 Kanal, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal on a two-year simple installment plan.

On top of this, The most exciting feature is that you will receive an allotment letter with only a 20% down payment.

Moreover, Boosting your lifestyle with Eighteen will not only give you the breathtaking views of Islamabad but also the most magnificent landscapes while sustaining international living standards.

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Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 | 10M, 1K & 2K Plot For Sale

In contrast, Eighteen Phase two is the hot-selling property of Islamabad. In the meantime, The society has begun selling all of the residential plots in Cluster H.

Generally, The first part of Cluster H1 is completely sold out. Now Cluster H2 has very limited options of plots on installments. Cluster-H3 is going to launch soon with new rates. Therefore, It’s the right time to get residential plots in Eighteen and enjoy a lifestyle unlike any other.

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Eighteen Cluster H Residential Plots For Sale

By the time, Now you can book any of above mentioned residential plots with just a 20% downpayment in 2-year easy installments.

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Eighteen Islamabad Phase 2 Plot For Sale:

Consequently, This is the Golden opportunity to grab the last remaining options for residential plots otherwise, you will regret it. On this occasion, Eighteen’s plots will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Another unique feature of these plots is that they sell balloted (numbered) plots with a two-year simple installment plan. You can now choose a plot from the provided sequence of plots.

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Eighteen Islamabad Residential Plots

To learn more about the Eighteen Islamabad Price List? Just drop your number. Our representative you call you immediately.

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Official Logo Of Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad Overview

First of all, Eighteen Islamabad is an approved society by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). You can verify this from its Official website. A top-ranked society after beating Park View City. Overall, It has a land area of 5,000 Kanal. Since Several societies have been established in twin cities, but none have been as successful as Eighteen.

Secondly, It is a gated community that is private and safe while also offering a delightful sense of freedom in stunning surroundings. In short, It’s the ultimate example of a modern resort. And, This is well furnished with all the evidence of posh living.

They have also received approval for their dedicated “Eighteen Islamabad Interchange“. Hence, it is a tremendous accomplishment.

Course, It simply aspires to live an exclusive experience at its best. After everything, The project is planned to be completed in 2025.

Further, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has issued this society a valid No Objection Certificate (NOC).

On the whole, Eighteen Islamabad Headoffice is located in Main Blue Area. Because of its excellent location and unique features, I would recommend Eighteen as a safe and more secure investment over Silver City.

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Overview Of Eighteen Islamabad

Subsequently, you can leave your contact details for Eighteen Islamabad Latest News.

Eighteen Heights Apartments For Sale 2024

Nevertheless, The heights at Eighteen are spread throughout 28 pavilion-style buildings. Consequently, it offers elegant, moderate apartment living at a luxury series of standards.

To sum up, Flats range starting from studios to five-bedroom and Penthouses. So, these are designed to accommodate a variety of demands and interests.

Each apartment boasts amazing views of the renowned 18-hole golf course. Sometimes, It can become a requirement for us to live and cherish the apartment life.

Next, Let me explore the Eighteen Islamabad apartment prices in detail.

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Eighteen Studio Apartment For Sale:

In brief, the Eighteen studio apartment area is larger than local projects. That is why they sell out immediately

» Unit Type: One Bedroom

» Area: (775 Sq.ft)

» Bedroom: 1

» Bathroom: 1

» Parking Space: 1

» Minimum Price Range: 17,000,000

» Maximum Price Range: 23,000,000

» Apartment Status: Sold Out

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Eighteen Islamabad 1 Bed Apartment For Sale:

As I said earlier, small sizes sell extremely well. Because everyone can afford it.

Here is the bed flat updated 2024 payment schedule of Eighteen.

Unit Type: Apartment

Area: 1 Bed   (969 Sq.ft)

Bedroom: 1

Bathroom: 1 En Suite

Parking Space: 1

Minimum Price Range: 19,000,000

Maximum Price Range: 26,700,000

Apartment Status: Sold Out

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Eighteen Islamabad 2 Bed Apartment For Sale:

The updated payment schedule for eighteen two-bedroom apartments is illustrated below.

¬ Unit Type: Apartment

¬ Area: 2 Bed  (1668 Sq.ft)

¬ Bedroom: 2

¬ Bathroom: 2 En Suite

¬ Parking Space: 1

¬ Minimum Price Range: 36,885,600

¬ Maximum Cost Range: 41,949,800

¬ Apartment Status: Available

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3 Bed Apartment On Installment In Eighteen Islamabad:

In brief, the Three-Bed flat installment schedule of Eighteen is defined below

Unit Type: Three Bedroom Apartment

Area: 3 Bed  (2196 & 2207Sq.ft)

Bedroom: 3

Bathroom: 3 En Suite

Powder Room: 1

Parking Space: 1

Minimum Price Range: 49,653,000

Maximum Range: 52,146,000

Apartment Status: Available

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Eighteen Islamabad apartments payment plan has been discussed in detail above.

Eighteen Penthouses For Sale 2024

There are two categories of Penthouses which are as follows,

a) 5 Bedroom Plan A Penthouse

b) Plan B Penthouse with 5 Bedrooms

Eighteen 5-Bed Penthouse Plan A:

Thus, the 5-Bedroom Penthouse Plan A updated installment schedule of Eighteen.

Unit Type: Five Bedroom Penthouse

Area: 5 Bed  (4410 Sq.ft)

Bedroom: 5

Bathroom: 5 En Suite, 1 for the maids

Powder Room: 1

Parking Space: 2

Price: 60,156,000

Apartment Status: Available

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Eighteen Penthouse Plan B:

However, the current installment schedule for Penthouse Plan B is stated below

Unit Type: Five Bedroom Penthouse

GFA: 1 Bed  (4575 Sq.ft)

Bedroom: 5

Bathroom: 5 En Suite, 1 for the maids

Powder Room: 1

Parking Space: 2

Price: 104,000,000

Apartment Status: Available

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Facilities And Amenities Of Eighteen Heights:

In contrast, The only society in Islamabad that satisfies the greatest lifestyle standards.

  1. Customized Kitchen
  2. Tailored Closets
  3. High-Quality Finishes
  4. Climate Control
  5. Views of the Golf Course

Heights At Eighteen

To enquire more about Eighteen Islamabad houses for sale?

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Eighteen Villas For Sale 2024

It’s a completely private, breathtaking, and mind-blowing quiet environment for nationals.

Despite this, Each Villa faces large parkways and is thoughtfully sited to maximize views of the golf course and the rolling hills of Eighteen.

Additionally, Eighteen villas of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal sizes have been created with golf views and niche standards in mind.

Specialties of Villas at Eighteen:

Likewise, the list of following categories are

Fitted Kitchen

Fitted Wardrobes

Premium Finishes

Air Conditioning

Golf Community

Villas are featured in the same way as apartments.

Eighteen Islamabad Villas Prices

1/2 Kanal Villa:

¤ Plot Area: 2,206 to 5,941 (Sq.ft)

¤ Villa Area: 2,745 (Sq.ft)

¤ Bedrooms: 4

¤ Bathrooms: 4 En Suite, 1 for the maids

¤ Powder Room: 1

¤ Parking Space: 2 Semi Covered

¤ Car Porch: 263 (Sq.ft)

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1 Kanal Villa Eighteen:

Plot Area: 4,477 to 8,977 (Sq.ft)

Villa Area: 5,005 (Sq.ft)

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5 En Suite, 1 for the maids

Powder Room: 1

Parking Space: 2 Semi Covered

Car Porch: 327 (Sq.ft)

2 Kanal Villa:

Plot Area: 8,331 to 10,494 (Sq.ft)

Villa Area: 7,212 (Sq.ft)

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 5 En Suite, 2 for the maids

Powder Room: 1

Parking Space: 2 Covered

Car Porch: 371 (Sq.ft)

Minimum Price Range: 243,210,256

Maximum Price Range: 257,179,487

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4 Kanal Villa:

Ω Plot Area: 18,008 to 27,717 (Sq.ft)

Ω Villa Area: 9,903 (Sq.ft)

Ω Bedrooms: 6

Ω Bathrooms: 6 En Suite, 2 for the maids

Ω Powder Room: 1

Ω Parking Space: 3 Covered

Ω Swimming Pool: Optional

Ω Car Porch: 553.26 (Sq.ft)

Surprisingly, a swimming pool is added to the four kanal villas.

8 Kanal Villa:

For instance, See the Latest Eight Kanal Villas payment plan,

> Plot Area: 38,760 to 44,465 (Sq.ft)

> Villa Area: 13,993 (Sq.ft)

> Bedrooms: 7

> Bathrooms: 7 En Suite, 3 for the maids

> Powder Room: 4

> Parking Space: 3 Covered, 3 Uncovered

> Swimming Pool: Optional

> Car Porch: 1007 (Sq.ft)

> Minimum Price Range: 391,680,000

Maximum Price Range: 431,360,640

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Eighteen Islamabad Location

Eighteen Location is conveniently located in the center of Srinagar Highway, near the M-2 Motorway in Islamabad. These are the following points given below,

Eighteen Location

↔ 5 minutes drive from Golra Mor

↔ Top City and University Town are about 3 minutes away.

↔ 3 KM from Isb-Lhr Motorway exit.

↔ 5 min from New Islamabad International Airport.

↔ Zero Point Islamabad is a 15-minute drive away.

↔ just  25 km away from Parliament House

↔ 23 km between Eighteen and Faisal Mosque

↔ Blue Area is just 21 km.Exact Location Of Eighteen Islamabad

Google Map Location Of Eighteen:

Above all, the Eighteen Society Islamabad location is exceptional.

Nearby Landmarks and locations:

Secondly, Eighteen is centrally surrounded by the following places,


〉The Capital City “Islamabad”

〉New Islamabad International Airport

〉Blue Area

〉Top City

〉Mumtaz City

〉Airport Green Garden

〉University Town

〉Metro Bus Station

Eighteen Islamabad Map & Master plan

If we discuss the master plan of this project, I recommend it because they are constructing it to provide the highest level of living among all other societies.

To explain, Eighteen Master Plan consists of 18 Hole Golf Club, Villas, Heights,  Club, Square, Core, Clinic, and the Five Star Resort Hotel At Eighteen.

The Islamabad Eighteen Project is divided into two parts, Phase 1 and 2 accordingly. Eighteen Phase-1 are ready-to-move-in units in the form of Apartments, Offices, Shops and Villas, and Hi-Tech Office Buildings, while eighteen Phase-2 are residential plots on installment baises.

To assure the well-being of its residents, the project also includes a great indoor sports center. A huge designated mosque as well, and a world-Class Exclusive School altogether. Even more, there are multiple parks and playgrounds for children, and a hospital and medical facility. Despite inflation, their development is at its peak.

Master Plan Of Eighteen Islmabad

On the contrary, no other society’s infrastructure is like Eighteen.

Eighteen Updated Map & Master Plan 2023

Master Planner And Design Leader Of Eighteen:

There are three main Master planners of Eighteen, let me elaborate emphatically on each planner one by one.

  1. WATG
  2. Wimberly Interiors
  3. IDG


The master planner and concept architects for Eighteen are WATG. They are a premier integrated design firm in the world.

Wimberly Interiors:

Wimberly Interiors is a design champion on a worldwide platform. They create eighteen villas and apartments that blend modern and traditional national and international features.


IGG is a world-renowned golf course and landscape architect. Furthermore, To create the breathtaking resort oasis known as Eighteen, they used all of their years of design experience.

Eighteen Islamabad Owner & Ceo

Chiefly, Eighteen Islamabad Owners and CEO are Tarek Hamdy. He formerly served as CEO and Managing Director of several global corporations, including Meler Investments SA and IMS.

Eighteen Islamabad Ceo Tarek Hamdy

Developers Of Eighteen Islamabad:

Without a doubt, It’s Pakistan’s first lifestyle destination, created in collaboration with Egypt’s Ora Development, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders in 2018. Even more, After the success of the Mobilink Telecommunications cooperation, these companies have joined together to create a new benchmark in real estate for Pakistan’s Ultra-luxury living destination.

Let’s talk about each developer individually,


Ora developers have delivered many international projects such as Grosvenor Square UK, Pier 88, Pyramid Hills, Silver Sands in Grenada, and Nile Towers in Egypt primarily.

Ora Developers Eighteen


The Saif company was founded in the late 1960s. Indeed, It has built a diverse portfolio of businesses in textiles, power production, oil and gas exploration, optical fiber, and health care.

Saif Group Logo

Kohistan Builders and Developers:

Kohistan Builders & Developers is a well-known brand throughout the country. With projects such as Midway Centrum, Royalson Hotel, and Hamza Tower, they have proven their expertise at every stage.

Kohistan Builders And Developers Logo

Magnificent Eighteen Projects:

The Club:

Particularly, The club is the social and entertainment core of the community. In any case, The club is the physical manifestation of Eighteen.

However, A classic showpiece with a strategic site facing the 18-hole championship course.

Features Of The Club:

Following are several features the eighteen clubs have,

→ 18 Hole Golf Course

→ Niche Royal Lounge

→ F & B

→ Sports Complex

→ Wide Swimming Pool

The Club By Eighteen Islamabad

The Square At Eighteen:

Besides, Residents can enjoy exclusive elevated restaurants and entertainment at The Square at Eighteen.

Features Of The Square:

To illustrate The Square’s superior qualities,

♣ Retail

♣ Fine Dining

♣ F & B

♣ Space reserved for Cafes

♣ Shopping Mall

The Square Of Eighteen Islamabad

The Core:

To summarise, The core is the twin cities’ most latest and cutting-edge commercial offering.

In addition, The core is conveniently located, only 20 minutes from the city center and 10 minutes from the new Islamabad International Airport.

Facilities And Amenities Of The Core:

For instance, The Core top-class amenities include,

♦ Office Spaces

♦Business Center

♦ F & B

♦ Modern Facilities

♦ Unique Buildings

The Core By Eighteen

The Clinic At Eighteen:

Undoubtedly, The Clinic provides emergency and non-emergency medical services to eighteen families. In the meantime, This is a properly fitted A&E unit with wards and a diverse range of specialists.

Facilities Of The Clinic:

Again, It provides all the fundamental necessaries of The Clinic for example,

♥ Healthcare

♥ The A&E Department

♥ Doctors

♥ Medical Center

♥ Surgery

♥ Pharmacy

The Clinic By Eighteen Islamabad

The Resort Eighteen:

Finally, The Resort of Eighteen consists of a Five-Star Boutique Hotel. It also includes an exclusive spa, gym, dining, and a 1,000-person event place. There is nothing else like The Resort at Eighteen in the Twin Cities as a result.

Facilities Of The Resort:

Their mission is to provide inhabitants with the highest possible standard of excellence, that is

♠ Spa

♠ Best Services

♠ Elegant Dining

♠ Five Star Hotel

♠ Magnificent Ballroom

The Beautiful Resort Of Eighteen Islamabad

How do I reserve my property at Eighteen Islamabad?

Specifically, To book any of the above-mentioned properties in Eighteen Islamabad, please bring the necessary documentation with you to our office.

⇒ Firstly, 2 Passport size Pictures

⇒ Secondly, Two Photocopies of Valid CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card)

⇒ Thirdly, 2 Hardcopies of the Nominee

⇒ Fourthly, A Valid Copy of NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) For Overseas Clients Only


To summarise, SECTOR LAND advice you to invest in Eighteen Islamabad right now because it is in the early phase of development. In short time you can earn highest return on investment indeed. This Society is offering multiple options like Residential Plots, Apartments, Villas, Shops and Eighteen Islamabad House For Sale.

Although this may be true, a significant investment is required for Eighteen. Yet, it is a safe place to invest and double the cash.

In last, If you want to learn more about low budget Societies, consider investing in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad Golf City, and New Metro City.

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