New Metro City Gujar Khan Rawalpindi 3.5m, 5m, & 7m Low Cost Payment Plan 2023

Are you searching to invest in Rawalpindi’s low-cost NOC-approved society?

Yes surely, I will highlight the New Strategic Deal 2023 Of the New Metro City Gujar Khan Rawalpindi. BSM Developers has announced Residential plots of 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, and 7 Marla plots.

Finally, the New Metro City Gujar Khan Owner has officially launched the LOW COST BLOCK in Sector-1. Nevertheless, this block has the lowest prices among the A, B, C, and D blocks. That is why it is called Low-Cost Block.

Moreover, Bookings are open for a limited time only. Thus, take advantage of this excellent chance to get low-cost rates.

Likewise, RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) has issued this society a NOC (No Objection Certificate). It’s a TMA (Tehsil Municipal Authority) Approved Society.

First of all, New Metro City is the fastest-developing project in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. In comparison, We cannot match their progress to any other society.

Secondly, the New Metro City Gujar Khan price plan is very cheap. Also, everyone can afford to pay the installments within their budget.

Thirdly, the location of this block is close to the projected Khairan-Rawalpindi Motorway. On the other hand, You can enjoy a modern lifestyle at a low cost.

In brief, Let me go over the payment plan, Master Plan, and Location of the strategic deal.

Most importantly, they will provide possession in 2 years with a 3.5-year payment plan.

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NMC Gujar Khan Low-Cost Installment Schedule 2023

The latest and updated New Metro City Gujar Khan payment plan 2023 has been revealed out. Now you can book 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, and 7 Marla Residential Plots in Sector-1’s Low-Cost Block. As I have noted, It is a cost-effective payment plan that has not yet been given.

Although, the below-described price plan does not include development charges. But, these charges will be implemented later. Additionally, You need to pay the land cost of land in three-and-a-half yearly installments.

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New Strategic Deal Of NMC GK Rawalpindi

In comparison, the new strategic deal contained No Balloon Payment.

However, Let me brief the complete details of the project.

NMC Low Cost Payment Plan 2023

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Further, the updated 2023 payment plan of 3.5 marla (22 x 36) residential plots are mentioned below,

  • Downpayment: 175,000/-
  • Monthly Installments: 11,900/- (Per Month)
  • 14 Quarterly Installments: 35,700/- (Per Quarterly)
  • At Balloting: 200,000/-
  • 3 Marla Low-Cost plot Price: 1,375,000/-

Special Note:

  1. Fee for the form and processing (PKR 3,000/- per category)
  2. 10% Additional fees for preferred plots.
  3.  A 5% discount on lump-sum payments.

Further, we have several options of New Metro City Gujar Khan plots for sale at the market’s best rate.

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In fact, It is the hot-selling size of NMC (New Metro City) GK (Gujar Khan) Rawalpindi. 5 marla (25 x 45) installment schedule is described here,

1) Initial Downpayment: 200,000/-

2) Per Month Installments: 19,600/-

3) Fourteen Quarterly Installments: 42,900/- (Per Quarterly)

4) Balloting: 250,000/-

5) 5 Marla Low-Cost Plot Price: 1,375,000/-

  • Booking Form and processing Fee (PKR 3,000/- per category)
  • 10% Additional charges for category plots.
  •  5% discount on lump-sum payments.

+92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 


7 Marla (30 x 55) residential plots are centrally located at the prime boulevard. Undoubtedly, this size is ideal for builders and residents. Therefore, its selling ratio is very quick.

Hence, The New price plan of seven marla Low-Cost Block is stated under

a) Downpayment: 225,000/-

b) Monthly Installments: 29,700/-

c) 14 Quarterly Installments: 57,300 (Per Quarterly)

d) At Balloting: 300,000/-

e) 7 Marla Low Cost Plot Price: 2,575,000/-

  • Booking Form and processing Fee (PKR 3,000/- per category)
  • 10% Additional charges for category plots.
  •  5% discount on lump-sum payments.

+92 333 4441068  / +92 312 3333056 


In addition, the New Metro City Gujar Khan Location of Low Cost Block is ideally located at Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway.  Besides, there is a Theme Park just next to the Low-Cost Block of NMC. So that the new metro city’s citizens and families can enjoy a high standard of living.

NMC GK RWP Low Cost Block Location

Above all, Eiffel Tower Park will construct with this Block. This will bring in more visitors and increase society’s popularity. On the other hand, all of this information is available on the new metro city website.

SECTOR LAND recommends this deal. Because This is the ideal time to invest to maximize profits. thus taking advantage of the opportunity. Reservations are only available for a short period. To see the NOC-approved societies in Islamabad? Visit, Eighteen Islamabad, Silver City, Gulberg Green Islamabad, Park View City, and Capital Smart City.

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